Young people are a critical part of our future as they will deliver the deep change our world requires.

Youth Mission is EIT Food’s Umbrella programme aiming to pique youth’s interest in the food that reaches their plates and become the agrifood leaders of tomorrow.

The EIT Food Youth Mission is an umbrella project aiming at developing awareness over healthy and sustainable food systems, and providing children with the appropriate knowledge to make dietary choices that promote food sustainability. It also aims to bring the career opportunities in the agrifood sector closer to secondary school students.

With society facing major challenges such as climate change, environmental degradation, food security, food waste and the side-effects of these (malnutrition, food-related illnesses and health conditions like allergies and obesity), the need for the next generation to make better food choices has never been more important. Unfortunately, young people aged 18 – 24 turn to social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, for advice on healthy eating to compensate for a lack of information from educators, industry and policy makers. Without knowledge and engagement, the very needed change will not happen.

Through this programme, EIT Food is not only harvesting new insights on how to deepen learning experiences around food; we play an active role in promoting health and sustainability but also in motivating the generations to come on potential career choices in the agrifood sector.

The age between 9 and 18 is crucial to inspire leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, and vocational possibilities. This is why through the Youth Mission EIT Food will harvest news insights around food, its critical role for health and sustainability and will motivate the generations to come on potential career choices in the agrifood sector.

Source: European Institute of Innovation & Technology (