European Collaborative Networks

Development of International Connections and Collaborations and participation in European Networks

The EOC attributes special weight to the development of interstate contacts and collaborations, which contributes to influencing the development of European policy and the participation in European programs. We aim to create good relations and collaboration with other organisations, networks or representations that are based in Brussels.

  • IGLO: Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices in Brussels — click here
  • ERRIN: European Regions Research & Innovation Network — click here
  • NIROC: Network of Interest Representation Offices for new Member States and Candidate Countries — click here

Representation in other networks:

Besides the two aforementioned networks, in which the EOC participates as a full member, representing all its members, the officers of the Brussels office participate in other networks as well, representing individual members. We mention the following networks:

  • European Universities Association (EUA)
  • Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe (UNICA)
  • UK Research Office (UKRO)
  • Santander Group
  • Informal breakfast network for Higher Education (Welsh Higher Education)
  • Erik Network (European Regions Knowledge based Innovation Network)
  • Businet
  • European Association of Research Managers & Administrators (EARMA)
  • Eurocities
  • Union of Capitals of the European Union (UCEU)
  • Union of Central and South – Eastern European Capitals (C&SEEC Union)
  • Walled Towns Friendship Circle (WTFC)
  • Capital Cities and Regions Network (CCRN)
  • Les Rencontres-Association of European Cities and Regions for Culture
  • United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)
  • Mediterranean Universiteis Union (UNIMED)