University of Thessaly (UTH): We Launched Our New Project Couriers Go Green!

A new European project just started in January 2023, within the framework of Erasmus+ programme. The project kick-off meeting was held between 31 January – 1 February at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Thessaly, in Volos, Greece. The consortium consists of seven partners from Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Romania and Hungary.

Couriers Go Green main goal is to develop an Educational Package and a Certifiable Training Course as well as a Green Strategy step-by-step process model to assist the major players in the transportation sector to make a green shift into their operations, contributing to environmental protection and fight against climate change.

Through the Courier Go Green e-Learning Hub, a revolutionary educational package with information, tools and other resources, courier, postal, transport and mobility operators and other stakeholders will be guided towards sustainable knowledge, awareness, policies and operations.

Source: University of Thessaly I News (