University of Thessaly: Circular Mindsets For Sustainable Small Tourism

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Thessaly (ECE), and specifically the Creative Technologies Learning Lab ( research group, develops digital vocational education and training interventions for the circular and green transition in tourism. The action contributes to broader efforts to tackle climate change through environmentally responsible practices in the economy. It focuses on small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, seeking to develop skills and knowledge that contribute to the identification of opportunities and the implementation of actions towards the environmental upgrading of everyday business practices.

The activity is developed within the framework of research project C-TOUR: Circular Mindsets for Sustainable Small Tourism funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. The research project highlights successful circular tourism actions in Europe through the production of high-quality explanatory videos that can be used as a reference point for good practices or as educational content. In addition, the research project develops an integrated, realistic digital education and training program for tourism professionals in circular practices promoting environmentally responsible behavior and contributing to sustainable development.

Apart from the University of Thessaly, educational organizations from Sweden, Romania, the Netherlands, and Denmark participate in the research project.

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