University of Nicosia: Ongoing partnership with Erasmus+ DIGICULT Project, enhancing cultural heritage through Digital Education

The University of Nicosia is delighted with its ongoing participation as a partner in the Erasmus+ DIGICULT project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at exploring the potential of digital education in fostering resilience and learning through cultural heritage. The project is funded by Erasmus+ KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training. DIGICULT is carried out by a partnership of 9 organisations from 6 European countries: Italy, Ireland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Croatia, Sweden. It is a 2-year project, started in January 2022 and ending by June 2024.

As part of the dissemination guidelines of the DIGICULT project, a participatory/dissemination event was organised on the 28th of March 2023 at Agros Village in Rodon Mount Hotel. The event brought together 50 enthusiastic students who actively engaged in various activities to deepen their understanding of cultural heritage and digital education as well as other EU funded projects.

The participants embarked on an insightful journey, touring Farmakas and Agros traditional businesses and enterprises. This hands-on experience provided them with valuable insights into the rich cultural heritage and the importance of preserving and promoting traditional practices.

At Rodon Mount Hotel, amongst others, a presentation was delivered by Ms. Yianna Orphanidou, an esteemed member of the research team involved in the DIGICULT project. The presentation centred around the aims, objectives, and key outcomes of the project. The attendees actively participated in a Q&A session, where they had the opportunity to delve deeper into the DIGICULT project and gain a comprehensive understanding of its significance.

Furthermore, the event featured an enjoyable and engaging team-building activity, skillfully coordinated by Mr. George Panayiotou. The participants not only had a great time but also had the opportunity to strengthen their bonds with fellow students and project partners. This combination of learning and fun created a vibrant atmosphere and enhanced the overall experience for everyone involved.

The University of Nicosia is proud to have facilitated this participatory event, providing a platform for students to actively engage with the DIGICULT project and its objectives. By fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and hands-on experiences, the university remains committed to nurturing the next generation of cultural heritage enthusiasts and digital education pioneers.

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