The Governing Board of the European University Alliance NEOLAiA met at the University of Örebro at Sweeden on the 20-22 June 2022 and reaffirm its strong commitment for the creation of a strong European University of the Future.

Present in person at the meeting were seven out of the nine rectors/vice-chancellors/directors of the Alliance universities: Juan Gómez Ortega (University of Jaen, Spain), Philippos Pouyioutas (University of Nicosia, Cyprus), Johan Schnürer   (Örebro University, Sweeden), Jan Lata (University of Ostrava, Czech Republic), Valentin Popa (University of Suceava, Romania),  Arnaud Giacometti (University of Tours, France) και Lina Tamutienè (Siauliai State University of Applied Sciences, Lithouania), and online: the Rector of the University of Bielefeld of Germany Gerhard Sagerer, and the Vice Rector of International Relations of the University of Salerno of Italy, Gianluca Sbardella.

The members of the Governing and Executive Committees also participated at the meeting.  Professor Panayiotis Angelides, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Dr Melpo Iacovidou Director of Academic Compliance Office participated as members of these committees.

During the meeting at a round table discussion, Rector Pouyioutas highlighted the importance of the European University Alliance and the reasons that the University of Nicosia joined NEOLAiA, focusing specifically on the contribution of the University of Nicosia to the work of the Alliance. He particularly stated: “

Our University strategy is closely aligned with that of NEOLAiA and is based on similar priorities as those of NEOTRENDS. These priorities focus on internationalisation, basic and interdisciplinary applied research, flexible learning, disruptive technologies for reengineering the educational process and the learning environment, as well as diversity and inclusion. The University of Nicosia has undertaken the challenge to lead the digital and metaverse transition of the alliance and its universities.”

Rector Pouyioutas thanked the Rector of the University of Örebro, Johan Schnürer and his team for the excellent organization of the meeting and the warm hospitality.

He also extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to all colleagues from all partner universities for the enormous amount of time and effort invested in this initiative and for the excellent work produced. He particularly congratulated the Rector of the University of Jaen Juan Gómez Ortega, his Vice Rector Sebastian Bruque and his team, for the excellent coordination of the Alliance.

The Rectors had the opportunity, during lunches and social events, to get to know better each other at personal level which resulted in tightening their professional and personal relations. They also had the opportunity to be guided at the house and labs of Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prizes, and at the specialized state-of-the-art Robotics labs of Örebro University.

The next meeting of the Governing Board of the Alliance will take place on the 10-11 October 2022 at Bielefeld University.

Source: University of Nicosia (