University of Nicosia: GNOSIS │ Participation in 2nd Transnational Project Meeting for EU Erasmus+ Project: “Creative learning for boosting bio-economy within HEIs’ curricula – CL4BIO”

On the 6th – 8th of September 2023, Gnosis | Mediterranean Institute for Management Science participated in the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting for the Erasmus+ Project “Creative learning for boosting bio-economy within HEIs’ curricula – CL4BIO”, that look place in Aveiro, Portugal.

The overarching objective of the CL4BIO project is to equip teaching academics with advanced and creative skills, fostering excellence in pedagogical approaches, particularly in novel and online education. This initiative encompasses transdisciplinary methodologies, novel curriculum development strategies, and the establishment and evaluation of connections between education, research, and innovation. Strengthening teaching competences is paramount for the effective education of students, particularly in the field of bioeconomy, in order to meet the fast-evolving market demands.

Hosted by the University of Aveiro, the meeting centered on two pivotal Work Packages: Work Package n°2 – “Training Course for HEI Lecturers on Creative Learning Pedagogical Methodology” and Work Package n°3 – “Creation of E-learning Training Contents on Sustainability and Bioeconomy Adopting Creative Learning.”

Work Package n°2: “Training Course for HEI Lecturers on Creative Learning Pedagogical Methodology”

This work package aims to develop an e-learning course for HEI lecturers, that will train them on the application of Creative Learning. The material delivered by project partners to fellow HEI lecturers will guide them in the adoption of creative learning pedagogical methodologies. It will further equip educators with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to implement creative learning approaches to their students and, in turn, to enable them to train other HE lecturers in the future.

Objectives of WP2 include the:

  • Development and piloting of an interactive self-paced course and material for academics interested in integrating creative learning into their teaching practices.
  • Creation of supporting tools, such as a Training Manual for trainers, to facilitate the replication of training for trainers in other HEIs.
  • Dissemination of knowledge and competencies related to creative learning.

Work Package n°3: “Creation of E-learning Training Contents on Sustainability and Bioeconomy Adopting Creative Learning”

This work package focuses on developing e-learning training contents on bioeconomy using creative learning methodologies. Internal and external HEI lecturers will actively contribute by preparing training materials on bioeconomy and aligning them with the creative learning pedagogy acquired during WP2. This phase represents the core of the project, as HEI lecturers will apply the acquired knowledge and will create their own training material.

CL4BIO Summer School & Open Workshop

In addition, project partners seized the opportunity to launch the CL4BIO Summer School – a collaborative initiative bringing together students from partner and associated partner Universities. This event facilitated engagement in creative learning practices, specifically tailored to bio-economy topics. Dedicating the third day to collaborative engagement, partners actively participated in an Open Workshop, sharing exemplary practices, at the intersection of creative learning and bio-economy, at associated and partner organizations.

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