University of Cyprus: YUFE Annual Strategic Forum

From 15 to 17 May 2024, the Annual Strategic Forum of the YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) Alliance was held at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland, bringing together key members of the Strategic Council, the Executive Committee, work packages leaders, YUFE project coordinators and representatives from the YUFE Central Office.

The programme included lectures, discussions, workshops, and regular meetings of YUFE bodies, focused on the future of the Alliance and European higher education.

During the Annual Strategic Forum and the Strategic Council meeting, the elections for the new President and Vice President of the Alliance were held. The voted members will replace the current President of YUFE on the 1st of September 2024.

What is the YUFE alliance

The YUFE alliance is one of the 51 European University Alliances for the development and implementation of a new model of a European University. The YUFE alliance consists of ten European universities with strong research activities in several European countries. The Alliance, together with its two partners, aims to bring about a radical change in European higher education, establishing the new European University as the leading model of a new, open European university and as a unique ecosystem connecting universities with communities. YUFE is based on collaboration between higher education institutions, the public and private sectors and citizens across Europe.

The YUFE Alliance is geographically diverse and includes universities, cities and companies.

The partners of the YUFE Alliance are:

  • University of Cyprus – Cyprus
  • University of Maastricht – The Netherlands
  • Carlos III University of Madrid – Spain
  • University of Antwerp – Belgium
  • University of Bremen – Germany
  • University of Eastern Finland
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun – Poland
  • University of Rijeka – Croatia
  • University of Essex – United Kingdom
  • Sorbonne Nouvelle University – France

YUFE partners are:

  • Adecco France Group
  • ETS GlobalΗ

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