University of Cyprus: UCY Participates in the most important start-up networking event of Eastern Finland in the framework of the YUFE Alliance


During the “Tahko Ski Lift Pitch” event, which took place in Kuopio, Finland from 3-4 April 2024, University of Cyprus PhD student, Adonis Hadjigeorgiou, presented the innovative technology of InvasiCell. The technology was developed in the laboratory of Professor Paris Skourides of the Department of Biological Sciences, and was presented to potential investors, mentors, and other members of the scientific community, reaching the semi-finals. Mr. Adonis Hadjigeorgiou participation was made possible by leveraging the synergies between the Innovation Management Sector of the Research and Innovation Support Service of the University of Cyprus and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation activities of YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) Alliance.

Mr. Adonis Hadjigeorgiou’s proposal, along with other start-ups and exploitable research results from YUFE universities – such as the Carlos III University of Madrid, University of Bremen, the University of Antwerp and University of Eastern Finland – was selected among more than 60 applicants, after evaluation by a YUFE committee and the organisers of the “Tahko Ski Lift Pitch” event. The selected participants underwent a series of preparatory seminars prior to the event.

Tahko Ski Lift Pitch

Tahko Ski Lift Pitch, which is being organized for the eighth year, is open for existing and developing start-ups from various industries, offering them a unique platform, beyond the traditional boundaries of a conference hall, to present their innovative business ideas in an unconventional pitching setting during a ski lift ride in an exciting backdrop of snowy peaks.

Invasicell technology of the University of Cyprus

Mr. Adonis Hadjigeorgiou is one of the three inventors, together with Professor Paris Skouridis and postdoctoral researcher Dr. Neophytos Christodoulou, of a technology that is in the process of obtaining an international patent for a device. The device can replicate the microenvironment of a malignant tumour and therefore has a wealth of applications in cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. It allows monitoring of the proliferation of invasion and metastasis of cancer cells, as well as the effect of drugs on these processes. It also has the potential to help identify changes that promote cancer and metastasis. The identification of these changes is crucial since it will lead to the identification of new therapeutic targets and to the improvement of both the prognosis and diagnosis of cancer. To develop and valorise the technology, the research team of the Department of Biological Sciences received funding, among others, from the University of Cyprus and Cyprus Seeds.

The protection of the technology, as well as the actions for its commercial valorisation are actively supported by the Innovation Management Sector of the Research and Innovation Support Service as the responsible UCY Sector for the protection, management, and valorisation of promising intellectual property rights of the University of Cyprus, and the Innovation Committee of the University of Cyprus since mid-2022.

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