University of Cyprus: “The 2024 International workshop on Alport Syndrome” was inaugurated in collaboration with the Centre of Excellence of the University of Cyprus

The Alport Alliance, a global network promoting treatments and knowledge for Alport Syndrome, in collaboration with the Centre of Excellence of the University of Cyprus, launched yesterday “The 2024 International workshop on Alport Syndrome” in Nicosia.

This is an important four-day workshop that aims to promote international collaboration in the fight against the rare genetic kidney disease Alport in which more than 150 scientists from 19 countries take part to meet, share research data and plan future scientific collaboration.

The Alport Alliance hopes the workshop will help identify areas that need more research and participants will discuss best practise for the treatment of Alport Syndrome affecting the kidneys, ears and eyes, as well as basic research that can deepen our understanding of the genetic component and physiology of the disease. In addition, the event will bring patients and scientists together with representatives of biopharmaceutical research who can provide funding.

Alport Syndrome refers to an inherited disease that can cause kidney failure, deafness and eye disorders. Patients with the classic form of Alport Syndrome will probably need a kidney transplant at some age.

“The 2024 International workshop on Alport Syndrome” was launched on the day of World Kidney Day which aims to raise awareness of the 900 million patients worldwide who suffer from some form of kidney disease. Last night, Eleftherias Square in Nicosia was lit up in purple to highlight the annual kidney disease awareness day.

Ms Suzie Gear, CEO of Alport UK and organiser of ‘The 2024 International workshop on Alport Syndrome’, said: “We are thrilled to gather in Cyprus for our seventh international workshop. This event provides an excellent opportunity to connect with eclectic international colleagues, provide invaluable support to patients and remain at the forefront of kidney research, from leading biomedicine to pioneering hearing care methods.”

Professor Constantinos Delta, Director of at the University of Cyprus, said: “It is a pleasure to welcome some of the world’s best scientists to Cyprus. On the other hand, it is important to let it be known that Cyprus is conducting critical research in the genetic and biological understanding of Alport Syndrome, as well as many other diseases, and we are excited to continue to share it globally.”

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