University of Cyprus: Support4Resilience

The Department of Informatics and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Cyprus participate in a new Horizon Europe project

The University of Cyprus participates in the new European project Support4Resilience which started on March 1, 2024. The research project aims to enhance resilience and mental wellbeing among healthcare workers and carers of older people through the development, testing and evaluation of technological tools to support the entity management team in the care of older people. The aim of the project is to empower healthcare entities to attract and retain healthcare workers employed in the elderly care sector. The project lasts 4 years and is funded by the Horizon Europe programme, with a total of € 6 000 000, of which the University of Cyprus will receive approximately € 750 000. The aim is to address the critical shortage of healthcare staff that is currently facing much of Europe.

The University of Cyprus has an important position in the Support4Resilience consortium, utilising its expertise in the fields of Software Engineering (Department of Computer Science) and Psychiatry (School of Medicine). The scientific leaders are Associate Professor Georgia Kapitsaki from the Department of Computer Science and Assistant Professor Andreas Hadjitofis from the School of Medicine.

The Support4Resilience project

There is a mismatch between the capabilities and requirements in European elderly care. This results in high workloads, increasing levels of stress and burnout, affecting not only the health worker(s) but also the closest relatives of the people cared for. The researchers will develop technological tools in the project to support management in improving the working environment and attracting skilled health workers. The results of the project are expected to have a profound impact on the way healthcare services are delivered.

The Support4Resilience project involves a total of 14 partners from 9 countries. The project is led by the University of Stavanger (Norway). In addition to the University of Cyprus, partners include the European Forum for Primary Care (The Netherlands), Stefan Cel Mare University of Suceava (Romania), Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands), International Society for Quality in Health Care CLG (Ireland), University of Eastern Finland (Finland), Jaume I University of Castellón (Spain), Jaume I University-Businness Foundation (Spain), Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Casa Cardinale Maffi Foundation (Italy), Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway) and collaborating partner, the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at Macquarie University (Australia).

More information is available on the project’s website:

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