University of Cyprus: New surgical platform for pancreatic and bile duct cancer

The University of Cyprus announces the launch of the European project for research in the field of computational mechanics, plasma physics and cancer therapy research, entitled “A minimally Invasive surgical platform aGainst paNcreatIc and biliary Tract cancErs using cold atmospheric PLASMA” – IgnitePLASMA.

The research project is funded for four years by the European Innovation Council and the UK Research and Innovation Foundation at a total cost of €3 million. The project is a consortium between the University of Sorbonne, the University of Patras, the UK company Synnous Ltd, the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre and the University of Cyprus, which is coordinating the project, with Dr Vasilios Vavourakis (Department of Mechanical Engineering) as project leader. The kick-off meeting for the project was held at the University of Sorbonne, from 4-5 April 2024.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal cancers as it is detected in late stages and with very few effective treatments available to patients. The IgnitePLASMA project will develop a new solution using cutting-edge technology in plasma physics, in silico computational modelling and biology of pancreatic and biliary tract cancer. It will combine multi-scale simulations and intelligent systems in plasma testing, and will take data from pre-operative diagnostics to learn the models in order to determine appropriate conditions for treatment. The developed technology will be demonstrated through in vivo biological experiments and this project will lay the foundation for clinical trials in the treatment of pancreatic and biliary tract cancer.



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