University of Cyprus: Constantinos S. Pattichis, Professor at the University of Cyprus and CYENS Centre of Excellence, was elected member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts has elected for 2024 as a full member of the Technical and Environmental Sciences Class, Konstantinos S. Pattichis, Professor at the Department of Informatics and Director of the Biomedical Engineering Research Centre of the University of Cyprus and Head of the Smart, Ubiquitous and Participatory Technologies in Health team at the CYENS Centre of Excellence.

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts is a non-governmental, international network whose mission is to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between renowned scientists of all disciplines, leading artists and professionals. Its members aim to study a number of major societal challenges and contribute to solving complex issues concerning the future well-being of Europeans. The Academy brings together some two thousand elected scientists and artists worldwide, including thirty-eight Nobel Prize winners, in the following seven classes: Humanities, Medicine, Arts, Arts, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Law and Economics, Technical and Environmental Sciences and World Religions.

Prof. Pattichis was elected for his contribution to the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence diagnostic systems for the processing and analysis of medical images and video. Specifically, he was selected for his contributions to brain MRI for the detection and characterization of regions of interest for predicting disease progression in patients with multiple sclerosis and for his contributions to quantitative analysis of brain MRI for the assessment of novel biomarkers in the evaluation of Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, he is working on the detection and characterization of atherosclerotic plaques on carotid artery ultrasound for stroke risk assessment and on endometrial hysteroscopy for visual evaluation of suspicious cancer foci. These systems, which have been used at the Institute of Neurology and Genetics and in public and private hospitals and leading university hospitals in the EU and North America, help to detect abnormalities, tumours and other pathologies at an early stage, thus facilitating early intervention and treatment.

Also Prof. Pattichis was selected for his contribution to the development of telemedicine systems on mobile devices that offer diagnostic encoding of medical video that allows optimal communication for the provision of specialized medical expertise (tele-consultation) and care in emergencies (tele-monitoring).  It is further working on the development and implementation of eHealth systems aimed at providing cross-border patient care services. These systems have been used by Cypriot citizens, especially during the pandemic (COVID European Digital Certificate platform) and have been developed in collaboration with the National e-Health Authority, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of State for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy.

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