University of Cyprus: Completion of European Research Project at the University of Cyprus

Enhancing Students’ Performance in Mathematics

The Department of Educational Sciences at the University of Cyprus, led by Professor Dimitra Pitta-Pantazi, is supporting efforts to improve students’ performance in mathematics through the European-funded project Digital Identification and Support of Under-Achieving Students (DIDUNAS). The project, funded by the European Erasmus+ cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices programme, commenced on September 1, 2020, and successfully concluded on August 31, 2023. The project was implemented in collaboration with the University of Cologne in Germany (coordinator) and Örebro University in Sweden.

The first objective of the project was to identify students facing difficulties in mathematics, allowing for timely recognition and intervention. The second objective was to support students in improving their performance in mathematics.

The first objective has been realised through the development of the DIDUNAS-app, an electronic application available for free on the App Greek – DIDUNAS website in four languages: English, Greek, German, and Swedish. Each student, using the application, completes a series of mathematical tasks. Upon completion, the application provides educators with information regarding the difficulties encountered by the student in mathematics and the specific mathematical concepts where difficulties are present. The identification of students with low performance levels in the first grade has been achieved methodologically through the study of students’ eye movements and data analysis, utilising artificial intelligence capabilities.

Once the difficulties of the students are identified, which are considered critical for future mathematics learning, educators can utilise the available materials with the students. This represents the second objective of the program. The materials will be accessible on the Learning and teaching material – DIDUNAS website.

As part of the project, the University of Cyprus conducted seminars with Mathematics advisors in the presence of primary education inspectors, educators teaching in the first grade, and parents of 6-7-year-old children. The three seminars aimed to inform stakeholders about the research results, new findings in identifying and supporting students with difficulties in mathematics, and how to utilise the electronic application and educational materials. The seminar materials will be accessible through the Multiplier events – DIDUNAS website.

The work of the DIDUNAS project extends to the research project “Early Mathematics Digital Diagnostics and Teaching App” (MADITA) (2023-2026), in which an application will be developed to assess students’ mathematical abilities based on their responses to a series of mathematical tasks. Subsequently, the application will present supporting materials to enhance mathematics learning, tailored to the level of each first-grade student.

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