UCLan Cyprus: Memorandum of Understanding signed between UCLan Cyprus and SBA Police Service

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between UCLan Cyprus and Sovereign Base Areas Police Service (SBA Police Service) on 11th of June 2024 at UCLan Cyprus. The agreement establishes a strategic framework for joint activities, fostering synergy between academia and society, with a focus on participating in joint research and innovation projects, education, training and other activities aligned with this objective.

On behalf of UCLan Cyprus, the MoU was signed by Mr Floros Voniatis, the CEO & Chair of the Council, and on behalf of SBA Police Service, by Mr. Steve Jupp, the Chief Constable of SBA Police Service,

Mr. Steve Jupp, the Chief Constable of SBA Police Service, “I am delighted to have signed this MOU, it underpins and formulises the great partnership the SBA Police has with UCLan Cyprus. Academic research is crucial to helping us constantly evolve as a force so that we can support and protect the communities we serve. I am very much looking forward to working with UCLan Cyprus over the coming years as we continue to identify new and exciting ways of supporting each other“.

Mr. Floros Voniatis, CEO & Chair of the Council of UCLan Cyprus, “highlighted the significance of this collaboration and stated that the British University of Cyprus will enhance collective effort in academic research, education, volunteerism and other activities and commits to support and actively contribute to this framework of collaboration.”

The Memorandum of Understanding between UCLan Cyprus and SBA Police Service marks the continuation of a fruitful collaboration that seeks to combine the strengths of academia and the community, that will make a positive impact on education, training and continued professional development.

UCLan Cyprus a unique and innovative model of a Cypriot and British University Educational Experience, is dedicated to the advancement of social initiatives through its programmes and research projects.

SBA Police Service is the local civilian police force for the British controlled Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia in Cyprus, including inside the military garrisons and the RAF station.

Source: UCLan Cyprus | Latest news (https://shorturl.at/jSSiq)