Transitional arrangements for New Zealand participation in Horizon Europe

The Commission and New Zealand Government have successfully concluded the negotiations for association of New Zealand to the Horizon Europe programme in December 2022.

The signing of the Association Agreement is expected to take place in 2023, pending the completion of all necessary validations on both sides.

Under the transitional arrangement, researchers and organisations in New Zealand can now participate in Pillar II calls and activities of the Horizon Europe programme on equal terms with entities from the EU

The transitional arrangements are set out in the General Annexes and apply to legal entities established in New Zealand since its association to the Programme is considered as imminent (please see the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 General Annexes – the updated list can be found in the Programme Guide).

Association to the EU’s Framework Programme on Research and Innovation is the closest form of international cooperation in science and technology between the Union and non-EU country. Formal relations between the EU and New Zealand in the field of research and innovation date back to 2009, with the signature of the Agreement on cooperation in scientific and technological cooperation. The association policy supports the Global Approach to Research and Innovation’ and reconfirms Europe’s commitment to a level of global openness needed to drive excellence, pool resources for faster scientific progress and develop vibrant innovation ecosystems.

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