Time for the First European Innovation Days in the Silicon Valley

On 21 and 22 March 2023, Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, and a high-level delegation of over 40 top corporates, rectors, mayors, regions’ president, and unicorns bring the European innovation ecosystem to the Silicon Valley.

For the first time, Europe is on equal footing with Silicon Valley in the area of ground-breaking deep-tech innovations, while offering a more balanced, attractive and affordable lifestyle.

Europe can take advantage of a fresh window of new opportunities, brought forward by the New European Innovation Agenda, Europe’s premier effort to spearhead its deep-tech innovation systems in a range of fast evolving industries, including sustainable energy, aerospace, automotive, health, security and bio-diversity. These Innovation Days will showcase a broad variety of these opportunities. It will be a call to attract talents and increase investments in Europe, share best practices among senior executives in open innovation and VC, and bridge the gap between two ecosystems to strengthen the way forward.

A rich programme has been designed for a wide variety of stakeholders to engage with the European representatives. Three public events will be part of these Innovation Days: a roundtable on how European Corporates are tapping into the Silicon Valley Innovation Pool; a gathering to learn which new opportunities are available in the European Ecosystem connected to Silicon Valley; and the first EU Innovation Forum, a hybrid event to learn about the future of European innovation and how to get involved through the New European Innovation Agenda.

Throughout the two days, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses will share the distinctive perspectives of the European innovation model through a series of lively and thought-provoking exchanges. CIOs from the hardware/biological industries, critical for deep tech innovations, will be there, as well as a group of European university rectors, affirming the most advanced engineering talent pool on the planet. European local authorities will exhibit the thriving ecosystems they have created in their regions. Finally, high representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the European Committee of Regions will be brought together.

Source: European Commission | Research and Innovation (https://bit.ly/3FhL1vK)