The University of Limassol Proudly Partners with AMMITEC: Advancing Education and Innovation in the Maritime Sector

The University of Limassol has announced its partnership with AMMITEC, a distinguished non-profit scientific organisation dedicated to uniting IT and Technology Professionals within the global shipping industry. This partnership represents a significant stride towards fostering education, innovation, and professional development, particularly in the realms of digital transformation and cybersecurity.

Through this collaboration, the University of Limassol and AMMITEC aim to cultivate a vibrant exchange of knowledge, ideas, and expertise between academia and industry professionals. By pooling the collective wisdom and resources of both entities, our aim is to cultivate innovative solutions, tackle industry challenges, and propel the continuous advancement of the digital shipping ecosystem.

Dr Ioannis Filippopoulos, co-director of the MSc Shipping and Operations Management and Assistant Professor at the University of Limassol, expressed his commitment, stating, “We are dedicated to preparing the next generation of IT leaders who will spearhead transformative change in the maritime sector and beyond. We are thrilled to unite with AMMITEC in this journey towards excellence, collaboration, and meaningful impact”.

Mr. Themistoklis Sardis, President of AMMITEC and Head of IT at Costamare Shipping, stated “I am thrilled to convey our enthusiasm for the collaboration with the University of Limassol. This partnership opens exciting opportunities for our members, allowing them to enhance their knowledge, engage with esteemed academics, and continue to be at the forefront of the maritime digital transformation”.

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