The European Digital Skills Awards 2023: Celebrating the best projects, stories and initiatives to promote digital skills in Europe

How many people did you train in digital skills last year?

If you have an answer to this question, you are one of the thousands of experts and trainers that are currently helping Europeans acquire the necessary digital skills for everyday life and work.

From basic skills, such as using a computer or a tablet, to training ICT specialists in emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain and Data, there is a very lively crowd of organisations, trainers and teachers that are helping Europeans grow in digital.

The European Digital Skills Awards 2023 want to recognise and promote the projects and initiatives that are supporting Europeans in all areas related to digital skills: we want to showcase those good practices and help everyone learn from one another. That is why on 20 February 2023 we are opening the candidatures for projects and initiatives on digital skills in 5 categories.

Discover each one of them and get your application ready!

Applications will close on 8 April 2023.

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