The European Commission invites farmers to participate in online survey on simplification

As announced in its proposals to reduce the burden weighing on farmers’ shoulders, the Commission is launching today an online survey to gather directly the views of EU farmers. The survey is open from 7 March to 8 April, and will ask short questions, available in all EU languages, such as: How much time is spent each year on administrative tasks linked to application of aid and reporting obligations? Do they use mobile devices to provide geo-tagged photos? How do they rate the complexity of different procedures and rules applicable on farms? Did they use outside help to prepare CAP aid application in 2023? The answers provided by farmers will provide valuable feedback to understand their main sources of concern.

The survey will help to identify the sources of administrative burden and complexity stemming from CAP rules as well as other rules for food and agriculture, both in relation to their application at national level and also to the recording and reporting obligations linked to them. The preliminary results will already be presented by mid-April. In parallel, interviews will be organised with farmers’ organisations to complete the picture.

This survey will provide by the summer a clearer picture of the main administrative obstacles perceived and faced by farmers. Its results will be included in a more detailed analysis to be published in Autumn 2024, aiming to clarify the sources of complexity for farmers: EU level, national level, CAP, and other requirements and policies.

Since the beginning of the year, the Commission has provided quick and concrete actions to ease the pressure currently felt by EU farmers. On 12 February, the Commission adopted the partial derogation to rules on land lying fallow (GAEC 8) requested by farmers and many Member States. Ahead of the Council of agriculture ministers of 26 February, the Commission sent to the Belgian presidency a range of short- and mid-term actions as basis for discussions and joint action with EU countries. Today’s survey was among the short-term actions announced, alongside the simplification for certain checks and the clarification of the concept of force majeure and exceptional circumstances. Discussions have already taken place on these last two points with Member States.

By mid-March, the Commission will present further proposals on mid-term actions to be taken as well as actions to improve the position of farmers in the food supply chain.

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