The Cyprus University of Technology: The Cyprus University of Technology and the research center “Heraclitus” participated in the project “Bricks made of words”

The Cyprus University of Technology and the research center “Heraclitus” participated in the project “Bricks made of words”. In this project, which is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens program, four undergraduate students from the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management actively participated. They had the opportunity to travel to five countries that organized a series of workshops and seminars as part of the project. The Cyprus University of Technology organized and hosted the 5th event in a series of six mobilities.

The initiative “Bricks made of words” was created with the aim of promoting and encouraging the participation of citizens, especially young Europeans, who are interested in exchanging knowledge and opinions on significant issues that affect both their future and the future of the European Union. Young individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 from regional and international communities participated in a multifaceted discussion about the past, present, and future of the EU. The discussions utilized virtual reality techniques, Lego games, storytelling, structured debates, and visits to historical sites.

Nine partners from seven countries formed the consortium: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Cyprus, Italy, Romania, and Serbia. The project included a vertical and horizontal set of activities and organized six events in which selected young participants, local organizations, and citizens took part. The process involved the same international target group of 28 young individuals (a mix of Eurosceptics and euro supporters) who traveled to each event, observing all the project’s discussions and conclusions through workshops, seminars, and educational trips. The local civil society was the focal point of horizontal activities (conferences, workshops, etc.) aimed at expanding the range of perspectives and collecting a broader spectrum of opinions.

Through workshops, seminars, and educational trips, the objective was for the participating young individuals to gain a critical perspective on the project’s main themes, such as the environment, migration, employment, human and political rights, and many others. Following the discussions and exchange of ideas, a document containing all the ideas and recommendations was created and will be presented to EU policymakers in Brussels during the final project event. The project was successfully completed on April 30. The goal for the next period is to organize a thematic workshop to promote the project’s outcomes.

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