The Cyprus University of Technology participates in a project aiming at creating a Virtual Children´s Hospital for Learning Paediatric Nursing

The Nursing Department of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is participating in an innovative project within the field of paediatric nursing education that aims to develop a Virtual Children’s Hospital for Learning Paediatric Nursing, utilising virtual reality and digital tools in its teaching methods.

Within the interactive virtual reality learning environment (VRLE), paediatric nursing students will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and competences, through interactive and self-directed activities.

The VRLE will contain innovative educational materials (videos, 3D models, interactive tests), within important themes in child healthcare and the contents developed for these will be integrated into the studies of each Higher Educational Institute.

To support the learning practises animated patients and avatars representing the students and their teachers will be developed and used in the VRLE.

Virtual learning in its capacity is easy to access and use by both students and teachers and provides grounds for experiential competency-based learning that can take place simultaneously/asynchronously, at a team/an individual level, at a national/an international level.

The VRLE further allows for the teachers and the students to interact at an international level by attending joint workshops and seminars in the Virtual Children’s Hospital.

Students will share and compare their country and culture-specific paediatric nursing practises, enriching the learning outcome. The international aspect moreover strengthens the co-operation in European Higher Education Institutions and facilitates the mobility of students and educators.

Leading partner: Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Partner organisations:

Cyprus University of Technology, Nursing Department, Faculty of Health Sciences (Cyprus), Tartu Health Care College (Estonia)

Source of funding: Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships

Total project funding: €480,000

Project research team at the Cyprus University of Technology:

Christiana Nicolaou (Partner Scientific Coordinator – CUT)

Ourania Kolokotroni, Nicos Middleton, Koralia Michael, Joanna Menikou, Ioanna Pieri

Project manager: Marianna Moore

Source: Cyprus University of Technology | News and Announcements (