The Cyprus University of Technology: Final Event for the Research Project “BalkanMed Gazelle” in Cyprus

The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) successfully hosted the final event of the BalkanMed Gazelle programme on June 1, 2023. The event showcased the achievements and innovations of the project, marking the completion of an initiative that has led to the development of the startup ecosystem in the Balkans and the Mediterranean region. The event was held in a hybrid format with participants joining both online and in-person.

Mr. Petros Kosmas from CUT inaugurated the event with a concise yet comprehensive presentation outlining the objectives and actions of the project. He emphasized the project’s commitment to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, setting a positive tone for the event proceedings.

Ms. Anthi Hadjikyriakou delivered a detailed presentation on ARIS (A Really Inspiring Space!) and its activities as an external collaborator of the project. These activities included inviting innovative SMEs, conducting startup evaluations, implementing an acceleration program, facilitating technology transfer, organizing an international investment forum and conference, and operating a local support center for innovative Small and Medium Enterprises in the region.

A significant highlight of the event was the presentation by Mr. Hristo Andreev from CUT, who unveiled the Startup toolkit—a platform developed to cater to the project’s needs. This valuable toolkit will be made available to the public until the end of the project, providing resources for aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.

The event also provided attendees with a close look at the successful startups cultivated within the framework of the project:

iRerobot, represented by Kyriakos Klerides, presented their innovative technology called ACETT (Auditory Communication Enhancement Through Touch) to the audience.

Nextbike, represented by Neofytos Ioannou, showcased their journey in developing and providing sustainable mobility solutions in Cyprus through bike-sharing.

In an exciting and interactive finale, participants were invited to present their own entrepreneurial ideas to a panel of experts. This opportunity allowed one participant to take the first steps forward, receiving valuable feedback on their business idea called Re-Aqua.

Lastly, Mr. Andreas Damianou, a staff member at the School of Tourism, Hospitality, and Entrepreneurship, presented the available postgraduate programs: MSc in International Tourism and Hospitality Management and MSc in Management: Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprise Management.

The Final Event of BalkanMed Gazelle marks a significant milestone in the region’s innovation journey, showcasing the impressive results of the BalkanMed Gazelle project and laying the foundation for future success stories in entrepreneurship.

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