The Cyprus Institute: SimEA Project Achievements: Advancing Sustainable Solutions – CyI’s Pioneering Initiatives in Clean Energy and Sound Insulation

In the pursuit of sustainable solutions, The Cyprus Institute stands at the forefront with its active involvement in two important projects: the “Advanced Spectroscopy Research Unit for Sustainable Light Management” (ASPERIUM) and the “Sustainable nanofibers for sound insulating applications” (ECHOLAYER) .

Under the expert coordination of Assoc. Prof. P. Keivanidis from the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), ASPERIUM is a small-scale infrastructure project funded by the RIF (the only CyI-funded project under this call) with an allocated budget to CyI of 100.000 euro. The primary objective of this initiative is to develop innovative approaches to light management for materials dedicated to clean energy and green transition. The CyI Principal Investigator is Prof. Vangelis Harmandaris.

In the ASPERIUM project, CyI plays a pivotal role in developing models, simulations, and machine learning (ML) models specifically tailored for the study of charge transport in organic materials related to green energy. This involvement positions CyI as a key player in advancing the understanding and application of sustainable light management technologies.

CyI’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond energy solutions with its collaboration in the ECHOLAYER project, a “Research in Enterprises” grant funded by the RIF and coordinated by Amadema. This initiative is dedicated to the development of sustainable nanofibers for sound insulating applications. The CyI Principal Investigator is Dr Hilal Reda

The overarching goal of ECHOLAYER is to create advanced soundproofing materials that contribute to a quieter and more comfortable living environment. By focusing on sustainable nanofibers, the project aims to redefine the landscape of sound insulation technology. CyI’s expertise comes to the fore with its emphasis on predicting the mechanical behavior of composites. This involves the application of multi-scale approaches, integrating atomistic and continuum simulations. By doing so, CyI aims to contribute valuable insights into the design and optimization of soundproofing materials, paving the way for more effective and sustainable solutions.

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