The Cyprus Institute: Prof. Salvatore Carlucci Receives Two 2022 “Best Paper Awards” from Prestigious “Building and Environment” Journal

In another success for The Cyprus Institute, Prof. Salvatore Carlucci, Director of the Environmental Sensing Laboratory and leader of CyI’s Sustainable Built Environment Group, is a co-author on two of the four papers that received the 2022 Best Paper Awards from the prestigious journal Building and Environment.

The “Best Paper Awards” were established in 2007 to encourage publishing high-quality papers in Building and Environment. The awarded papers are distinguished for their originality, contributions to the field, quality of presentation, and soundness of the science.

In particular, these two papers were highly ranked amongst 5,500 submissions received in 2022 by the journal’s reviewers, then selected by Editors and Editors-in-Chief, further evaluated by the journal’s Editorial Advisory Board, and finally selected by the journal’s “Best Paper Award Committee”, consisting of Prof. Marco Perino (Chair, Italy), Prof. Jianlin Liu (China) and Dr Jiping Zhu (Canada).

The two award-winning papers are:

“A guideline to document occupant behavior models for advanced building controls”, Volume 219, 1 July 2022, 109195.  

“Quality criteria for multi-domain studies in the indoor environment: Critical review towards research guidelines and recommendations”, Volume 226, December 2022, 109719.

Congratulations to Prof. Carlucci for this outstanding achievement!

Source: The Cyprus Institute I News (