The Cyprus Institute had a strong presence at the 17th Researcher’s Night 2022 event that took place on Friday, September 30th at Eleftheria Square in the heart of the capital. The event is held annually to promote the importance of research, technology, and innovation, and takes place at the same time in 350 cities across Europe and beyond, with more than 1,500,000 visitors participating in each years’ science and research festival, on the last Friday of September.

Within the framework of the event entitled “Mission: INSPIRE”, scientists, academics, researchers, and entrepreneurs presented their activities and achievements to the public. The main theme of 2022’s event was the EU Missions, bold actions with ambitious yet achievable goals, aiming to address some of the greatest challenges facing our society. The five Missions are: Adaptation to Climate Change, Cancer, Ocean Seas and Waters, Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, Soil Health and Food.

The main objective of the Researchers’ Night event is to nurture a research and innovation culture and raise awareness with regards to the research activity implemented by universities, research centres and innovative companies. During the event, visitors of all ages had the opportunity to get in touch with research teams, to participate in experiments and interactive games, live discussions, awards and much more.

Each year, the event presents more than 70 activities, including an exhibition hall in which interactive experiments are presented using technology, multimedia, quizzes, simulations, activities with games specially designed for children and parents, such as a Treasure Hunt, activities combining science with art and sports, the S-Factor student competition for science communication, and awards. Finally, through the European Corner, the public had the opportunity to receive specialised information on developments in Europe in the fields of science, research, and innovation.

The European Researchers’ Night celebrating research, innovation and science is organised in Cyprus by the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) since 2006, as an initiative of the European Commission, which is funded through the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) of the EU’s Framework-Programme for Research and Innovation.

The public had the great opportunity to get acquainted with multiple activities from CyI’s four Research Centres:

  • “Adaptation to Climate Change: A journey through time via Bioarchaeology”, a Horizon 2020 research and innovation Twinning programme (PROMISED Project No 811068).
  • “How does water flow? Hydrology in action 3PRO-Troodos, FLUXMED, SWATCH”
  • “Instrumentation for Assessing Air Quality”, EMME-CARE (EU Horizon 2020; grand agreement No 856612).
  • “Role of earth’s early atmosphere and electrical discharges in the origin of life”
  • “Interactive holistic study of architectural heritage through Building Information Modelling” (The Project Urban PERIsCOPE INTEGRATED /0918/0034 is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation).
  • “Untangling Emissions: Examining the National Inventory and the Impact of COVID Lockdown on CO2 Emissions”.
  • “How long Did My City Last? Simulating Cypriot Cities though Time”
  • “Ancient Cypriots: Sea, Coper, Soil and Health”
  • “Computational modelling to solve real world problems: from the sub-atomic to the macroscopic level”

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