The Commission publishes study on how to make its Creative Europe programme greener

A new study makes recommendations for Creative Europe programme to become more sustainable and support the EU’s climate change goals.

In 2021 the Commission launched the study “Greening the Creative Europe programme” to inform and support its efforts to mainstream environmental protection, sustainability and fighting climate change objectives and actions into the programme. The study is now published and available here.

Itincludes recommendations through the following 3 documents:

  • The Good Environmental Practices Guideprovides current and future beneficiaries of the programme with existing good practices to reduce climate and environmental impacts of their organisation and/or projects, or to contribute to environmental and climate awareness.
  • The Creative Europe Programme Greening Strategyputs forward recommendations to make the Creative Europe Programme greener over four incremental stages.
  • The Creative Europe Monitoring Guide for Programme Greeningproposes sustainability indicators (‘green indicators’) to measure the programmes’ progress and contribution towards the European Green Deal.

As regards support to the audiovisual sector via the MEDIA strand of Creative Europe, most funding opportunities already require applicants to follow greening strategies in their projects, whilst preparations are ongoing for a carbon emissions calculator for audiovisual productions.


The study aligns with the European Green Deal, the EU’s roadmap to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. While the Green Deal does not cover the cultural and creative sectors explicitly, they must not be left behind in the green transition.  Cultural and creative activities can support the transition to a green economy by raising environmental awareness and reducing carbon emissions in its activities.

Source: European Commission | Shaping Europe’s Digital future (