Sustainable Mobility Solutions, the innovation unit of SAE International, just announced its new partnership with EIT InnoEnergy to deliver a comprehensive training programme in battery technology.

The joint programme titled “The SAE/InnoEnergy Battery Institute,” adapted from the European Battery Alliance Academy (EBA Academy), consists of thirty-two courses and is one of the most complete learning resources for all things battery-related. The programme includes more than 400 hours of training and covers the entire battery lifecycle, including raw materials, cell manufacturing, battery packs, applications/integration, and recycling.

The programme was developed by EIT InnoEnergy, a global investor in climate-tech, in cooperation with some of the world’s leading businesses and technical institutions.

The SAE/InnoEnergy Battery Institute will launch in the first quarter of 2023 on SAE International’s learning management system.

Source: European Institute of Innovation & Technology | News (