Strong coverage of education in this year’s European Semester Spring package

Education is featured prominently throughout the package, which acknowledges the importance of human capital and skills development for productivity, competitiveness, and the green and digital transitions.

The European Commission published its European Semester Spring package, including 27 country reports and country specific recommendations, 18 of which concern education.

Country reports

The reports outline key economic, social and employment challenges and developments in EU countries.

The reports are underpinned by solid analytical evidence and guided by the targets set under the European Education Area strategic framework.

They cover key national developments, including measures supported by the Recovery and Resilience Facility and the European Structural Funds.

Country specific recommendations

The recommendations include concrete actions to address the challenges identified in the country reports.

Basic skills are declining among young Europeans, as revealed by the 2022 PISA results. In this context, the European Commission calls on EU countries to, in particular,

  • raise the level of basic skills
  • address teacher shortages
  • provide additional support to better meet the needs of students from disadvantaged backgrounds

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