Strengthening higher education-school partnerships for green and digital innovation

This is the focus of the first Innovation Bulletin published by the Education and Innovation Practice Community (EIPC).

Focus on collaboration between secondary and higher education

The bulletin presents insightful strategies, policies, and initiatives highlighting collaboration that fosters competencies relevant for the current global challenges. The insights aim to inspire national, regional, and local educational authorities in their green and digital transition.

This publication is a result of an international peer learning collaboration among the members of the Education and Innovation Practice Community (EIPC) throughout 2023.

About the Education and Innovation Practice Community

The EIPC has around 600 members, including from all EU countries. It is part of the flagship 4 of the New European Innovation Agenda and its implementation is a partnership between the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Since 2022, the community brings together higher education institutions, businesses and policy makers to discuss innovation in education. It is open to all stakeholders interested in developing talent for innovation in secondary and higher education, as well as adult upskilling and reskilling. Its members include:

  • education policy makers
  • practitioners
  • academics
  • schoolteachers
  • school directors
  • students
  • businesses

Source: European Commission | European Education Area (