Business Cooperation – Internationalisation

Business engagement in activities abroad is a difficult matter. It needs access, guidance and appropriate tools. How can I find reliable partners and to engage in new promising foreign markets?

The Network provides to companies the tools to find the best opportunities abroad in a series of issues ranging from the registration of a new company to help in finding potential business partners.

The network maintains a multifaceted base of business, technological and research profiles of businesses and new innovative technologies. Through the database you can find partners and solutions to technological problems that are of interest to you and respectively to offer your technologies and services.

Access to Finance


Access to finance is one of the major challenges for the start-up, expansion and development of small and medium-sized enterprises. What is the proper way to finance your project?Excellent knowledge about the business environment by the network can offer businesses the best possibilities for access to funding sources of investment capital and business angels, and to Government grants and debt products at national and European level.

Support for Research and Innovation 

Investing in research and innovation is a modern development model for a business. I’m interested in engaging in research and have some innovative ideas for the development of my business, but do I have the ability? Who should I contact?

The network offers consulting services to enterprises who want to explore their needs and their ability to engage in research and innovation activities at national and European level.  By offering information on available programs and ways of participating, partner search and even advice on exploring of the requirements and formulation of the idea as well as how to write the proposal.

Technology and Innovation Transfer

Technology and innovation transfer includes the transfer of available knowledge, skills, technologies, methods and tools among public and private research institutions and enterprises. How can an SME have access to these procedures?

The Network through its database that includes more than 23.000 profiles updated with new profiles on a weekly basis, enables enterprises to seek technologies that are of interest to them in order to improve their products and services and to offer their own technologies to the international market.

Intellectual Property

Ensuring the protection of intellectual property produced within enterprises is extremely important for the exploitation of new ideas, products, services and processes to the benefit of economic growth of a business. But how can a business have access to a complex, time-consuming and costly process?

The Network offers specialized information and guidance on ways to safeguard and exploit the intellectual property as well as any available financial resources that can ensure coverage of related costs.  Furthermore, the coordinator of the network acts as an EU IRP Helpdesk Ambassador.

Intellectual property brochure

Information and Support Services

Enterprise Europe Network in Cyprus, as a centre providing integrated support services to the Cypriot SMEs for their growth and internationalization, provides a range of services including funding and legislation issues, internationalisation and finding partners, advisory services on issues of technology transfer and innovation as well as intellectual property.

More information about the services can be found under the corresponding category of services on this website or by contacting the officers of EEN-Cy.

To contact the officers of EEN-Cy


Addressing the difficulties faced by SMEs when doing business in another EU country as well as the questions arises concerning the compliance with EU law is an important priority for the European Commission. But how you can make your voice hear at European level and how alternative solutions can be found?
The Enterprise Europe Network offers to the SMEs the opportunity to provide feedback to the European Commission via a number of consultation tools and feedback channels. The European Commission wants to better understand the problems that small business face and the impact that its laws and legislative proposals have on their daily activity. With SMEs participation, the European Commission aims to provide solutions and to adopt measures that eliminate bureaucracy and facilitate businesses to make the most of the available opportunities.

Support to Innovative SMEs

For SMEs with big ambitions to innovate and grow, the Network offers two types of tailored support packages, to steer them onto the fast track to success.

  • Key Account Management (KAM) for beneficiaries of the ‘SME Instrument’ Programme under Horizon 2020

Funded under Horizon 2020, the SME Instrument provides targeted support and funding for highly innovative SMEs with a clear commercial ambition and a potential for high growth and internationalisation. For those successful companies which are selected to participate in the SME Instrument, the Network’s business and innovation experts are on hand to provide Key Account Management (KAM) Services.

Their goal is to ensure that these SMEs receive the best possible support to enhance their chances of success and sustainable growth. Services offered by the Network include:

  • performing a needs analysis for the SME in the area of innovation management
  • finding the right coaches to help the company, and
  • acting as intermediaries for the provision of coaching services, thus assisting the SME to reach important milestones and linking the company to innovation support services.
  • Enhancing Innovation Management Capacities of SMEs

For companies outside the SME Instrument, the Network’s innovation experts are also able to provide support services. These are particularly targeted at innovative and ambitious local companies that demonstrate a high potential to generate growth and jobs but need additional business and management advice and expertise to turn a good idea into a successful business.

The services offered by the Network include:

  • an assessment of the innovation management capacities of the SME, with the use of reliable tools widely used at the European level (IMP3rove tool)
  • a needs analysis for the SME for enhancing innovation
  • drawing up a tailor-made Action Plan for the SME with recommendations, actions and milestones towards success and guidance during implementation.