RM Roadmap Appoints 120 Expert Research Managers as National Ambassadors

The Horizon Europe-funded RM Roadmap project has appointed 120 national ambassadors to help design the future of the research management profession across the European Research Area and beyond. Advocating for their respective domestic networks and regions, RM Roadmap national ambassadors will help foster a bottom-up consensus on the future of the research management profession while also disseminating project outputs among their respective communities. As such, they will be in a unique position to strengthen Europe’s capacity in Research and Innovation as well as the recognition of the work of the Research Management Community. Their work will focus in the 4 key areas: upskilling, recognition, networking and capacity building.

Crowdhelix’s Chief of Strategy, Dr David Langley, believes that this unprecedented level of collaboration within the profession will accelerate the delivery of research results across Europe, leading to outputs and innovations that will have an impact on the economy and knowledge base.

  • “Investing in research and innovation is an investment in future economic growth”.
  • “Research-active universities, leading businesses, and thought-leading organisations have long realised this and have been investing in research managers at a local level”.
  • “Those forward-thinking organisations have reimagined how research offices function and how they can contribute to strategic goals and programmes”.
  • “The European Union, through ERA Action 17, has acknowledged the above and is seeking to enhance its strategic capacity to deliver research projects by establishing a continental-wide framework that defines the future of the research management profession. RM Roadmap will help provide the evidence needed to underpin ERA Action 17”.
  • “The Horizon Europe-funded RM Roadmap project is a key part of this as it seeks to bring research managers together to establish best practices, and to build new tools and training programmes that will enable research managers to efficiently deliver complex research programmes in future”.

The Research Management Helix will act as a focal point for the RM Roadmap project to establish a collaborative community among Europe’s research managers.

Hosted on Crowdhelix’s AI-powered platform, the Research Management Helix will bring together professionals in research management, including those from widening countries, to establish best practices and build new tools and training programmes.

As such, RM Roadmap national ambassadors will have the opportunity to enhance their own professional networks and input into the development of a strategic EU policy that aims to maximise Europe’s research and innovation potential.

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25 May 2023, Written By Crowdhelix