Publish your Horizon project results on Open Research Europe!

March 2023 marks two years of Open Research Europe – the open access, peer-review publishing venue launched by the European Commission to support Horizon EuropeHorizon 2020Euratom, and COST action-funded researchers. Open Research Europe is already indexed in 10 major databases (including Scopus and PubMed Central) – quite an achievement within just two years. Open Research Europe supports researchers across all disciplines, at every stage of their research journey thanks to different article types.

Why publishing in ORE?

  1. Your manuscript is thoroughly checked by an in-house editorial team before publication to ensure findings remain relevant and all policies and ethical guidelines are adhered to
  2. Your article is immediately open access for greater transparency and improved dissemination of knowledge
  3. Peer review takes place with publishing all reviewer names and comments – it is open for greater transparency, increased opportunities for learning, and to reduce the possibility of bias and to give reviewers the credit they deserve
  4. You can improve access to all underlying data, software, and code in the spirit of true open research, and to increase transparency, reproducibility, and confidence in findings
  5. Most importantly, publishing in Open Research Europe comes free of any charge. All fees are paid centrally by the Commission. And, you can publish your results even after the end of your grant!

Start your publishing journey with ORE

Open Research Europe will continue to evolve to meet the challenges of the global research community, as well as ongoing changes in the open research landscape.

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