Open University of Cyprus: Integrating new practices and knowledge for environmentally friendly agriculture: multiplier event 04/04/2023

Agriculture is responsible for 17-20% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is a major cause of biodiversity loss and degradation of valuable habitats. The project “Translating new Approaches and Knowledge into EnvirOnmentally Friendly Farming” (acronym TAKE OFF), which is coordinated and implemented with funding from the Erasmus+ Programme by the Open University of Cyprus (OUC) and in particular the Terrestrial Ecosystem Management Laboratory, led by Professor Ioannis Vogiatzakis (Master’s Degree in “Environmental Management and Protection“), aims to promote environmentally friendly agriculture, in line with the policies and initiatives of the EU. In order to promote its activities and to inform all interested parties about sustainable agriculture and the reduction of the environmental footprint, the TAKE OFF project organizes a multiplier event on Tuesday 4 April 2023 (17:00 – 21:00), at the Amphitheatre of Building G, KES COLLEGE, Kallipoli and Grevena, Nicosia.

The event is open to the public, but due to a limited number of seats, registration is required here:

Information & Programme HERE.

The ultimate goal of the TAKE OFF project is to enhance environmental sustainability in agricultural activities, mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity. To achieve its objectives, the project partners, namely the Open University of Cyprus, Sustainability Metrics and the University of Milano-Bicocca are joining forces to develop online courses on environmentally friendly farming practices, tools to reduce the environmental footprint and to promote activities related to environmentally friendly agriculture.

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