Nicosia Municipality: New Website of the Smart Nicosia Project

The new Smart Nicosia Smart City Project website is now available at

In a functional, easy-to-use, stylish and user-friendly site, there is important information about the project that improves the daily life of hundreds of thousands of citizens and visitors of Nicosia, as well as innovative applications.

Visitors to the site will learn about the transformation of today’s Nicosia into a Smart City, through the creation of fundamental infrastructure such as the Optical Fibre Network, the Wi-Fi Wireless Network and the Internet of Things.

They will also find evidence of sustainable mobility, which has been a primary objective of the Smart Nicosia Project, with initiatives aimed at reducing traffic congestion and pollutant emissions, as well as accessibility for people with disabilities.

In addition, users will find information on Nicosia’s Smart Street Lighting, real-time monitoring of waste bins, environmental monitoring stations, interactive public information points, and much more.

Finally, important tools for citizens, such as the Smart Parking App, Smart Waste, Air Quality, AμEA Ble Tag and others, which make life in the city easier and more environmentally friendly, are available for download.

It is important to mention that website is also accessible to people with disabilities, following international accessibility standards. During its creation, all the necessary technical and design adjustments have been incorporated to ensure equal access for all users to the information and services provided. Commitment to serving every citizen is a central objective and core value of the Smart Nicosia Project.

In just six years, Nicosia has made significant steps towards achieving the Smart City goals, with continuous efforts to integrate new technologies and expand the scope of the Project. Smart Nicosia exemplifies the potential of modern technology to enhance urban living and create more sustainable, efficient cities.

The Smart Nicosia Project is implemented under the Cohesion Policy Programme “Thalia 2021-2027” with EU co-funding.

Source: Nicosia Municipality | Announcements 2024 (