Nicosia Chamber of Commerce & European Office of Cyprus: Empowering Culture: Launch of the e-Learning Platform

The partners of the Erasmus+ funded project, “Empowering Culture through Business”, launched an e-Learning Platform as part of the activities of the project. The e-Learning Platform is an e-community platform and an e-learning tool, where the training course for young creative professionals is available for everyone to access.

The training course included in the e-Learning platform, was created by the partners of the project as part of Intellectual Output 2. The course is divided into the following three modules:

  • Module 1: Basic Business Understanding
  • Module 2: Participation in EU funded programmes
  • Module 3: The human side of business

The aim of the training course is to improve the employability skills and work opportunities for Culture and Creative Young Professionals (CCYPs) living in rural and/or remote areas and to reduce the existing gap between the educational world and labour market by diversification of career paths and skills recognition.

The e-Learning platform, on which the course is available, is part of the entire training course and it acts as a virtual hub for all the training material used in the project.

To access the e-Learning platform click here or simply go to the project’s website at and then in the menu you will see the link for the platform.

By clicking the link, you will be re-directed to the platform where you will have to follow a very simple registration procedure.

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