New winners announced: EU Gender Equality Champions in Research and Innovation

Commissioner Iliana Ivanova and Director General for Research and Innovation Marc Lemaître with the representatives of the Gender Equality Champion organisations for 2023.

To acknowledge outstanding results achieved by academic and research institutions in advancing gender equality, the European Commission is pleased to announce the recipients of the EU Award for Gender Equality Champions in 2023.

Category 1 (Sustainable Gender Equality Champions)

Category 2 (Newcomer Gender Equality Champions)

Category 3 (Inclusive Gender Equality Champions)

  • None of the applications received in this category satisfied the award criteria laid out in the Rules of Contest. This reflects a reality the Commission is making efforts to transform through the new European Research Area policy agenda, by fostering the opening of gender equality policies to more intersectional approaches.

Across the above listed categories, each winner will receive a prize of €100,000.

The Commission held the award ceremony for this second edition of the Horizon Europe prize in Brussels on 15 May, with Marc Lemaître, Director General for Research and Innovation as master of ceremony. Representatives of the winning academic and research organisations received their awards from the hands of Commissioner Iliana Ivanova.

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