The European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) has published a new Erasmus+ publication on “Capacity building in the field of higher education at a glance (2015-2020)”.

The aim of this publication is to inform about how Capacity building in the field of higher education (CBHE) projects selected in the six calls for proposals 2015-2020 have contributed to the main priorities of the European Commission defined for the periods 2014-2019 and 2019-2024.

Several CBHE projects have addressed these priorities and have tried to contribute to better face an increasingly digital world, to move towards a more circular and green economy, to focus on inclusion of those who are socially or economically marginalised, to increase employability of students and to reinforce the internationalisation of higher education institutions in the Partner Countries.

Having reached the final stage of implementation of the Erasmus+ programme, the reports show that the CBHE action has been successful in fostering the modernisation and the reform of the higher education sector and HEIs in the targeted Partner Countries. The main target beneficiaries, Partner Countries HEIs, have benefited by the participation in this action. Through the training of their staff, the modernisation of their academic offer, the establishment of labs and centres geared up with expensive and modern equipment and the cooperation with Programme Countries HEIs, Partner Countries HEIs have increased their local and international visibility, established new cooperation that were not possible prior to this action and increase their attraction of students. The reports offer an interesting display of the main impact of the funded projects in each region.

Source: European Commission I News (