New EU rules make high-value datasets available to fuel artificial intelligence and data-driven innovation

New EU rules on making more public datasets available for reuse have started applying. These so-called ‘high-value datasets’ contain information on six thematic areas laid out in the Open Data Directive: geospatial, earth observation and environment, meteorological, statistics, companies and mobility.

The new rules have the potential to generate important societal and economic benefits by fuelling new innovative products and services such as artificial intelligence applications. High-value datasets in the meteorological area, for example, can be used to produce better weather predictions and related apps. Agricultural companies could leverage satellite imagery, weather data and soil health information to implement precision farming techniques, thereby increasing yield and reducing waste.

The official portal for European data is the most extensive resource for accessing open data. It includes more than 1.7 million datasets from EU institutions and agencies, as well as from Member States. The high-value datasets will be available for free in machine-readable format, accessible via an Application Programming Interface (API) and, where relevant, as bulk downloads.

More information on how to access open data is available on Open data and high-value datasets: step-by-step access guide (fact page, downloadable as printable PDF).

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