Neapolis University Pafos: Signing of Memorandum of Understanding of Neapolis University in Cyprus with MCC & Engineers LLC

The Department of Civil Engineering of Neapolis University Pafos and MCC & Engineers LLC, signed a Cooperation Agreement with the purpose of promoting cooperation and knowledge exchange in the field of construction project management and providing opportunities for students and graduates to integrate into the labour market.

The Memorandum of Understanding brings together the academic expertise of the Department of Civil Engineering and the industry experience of the construction company MCC & Engineers LLC to promote innovative research, development as well as the implementation of construction project management practices. In this context, Dr. Hidiroglou, consultant in contract management and project planning with many years of expertise, contributed to the NUP library with a copy of his published book entitled “Subcontracting, Bidding, Negotiation and Contract Terms”. The book deals with subcontracting for structural works in the Cyprus construction industry.

The collaboration between the Department of Civil Engineering and MCC & Engineers LLC exemplifies the commitment to bridge the gap between academia and industry, promote innovation and advance the field of construction project management; and is a milestone as it paves the way for new and exciting opportunities for both parties involved.

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