Neapolis University Pafos: A dynamic new international consortium within the framework of Erasmus+ Program “Powering up former energy sector workers to re-enter the job market”

A new innovative partnership, consisting of 7 partners including Neapolis University Pafos from 4 European Countries (France, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus) and creating strong synergies between Higher Education Institutes (HEI) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) centers has been selected for funding in the framework of Erasmus+2021-2027 EU Programme.

The “Powering up former energy sector workers to re-enter the job market”  project, whose the duration is 2  years, aims to address and merge two general priorities, namely environment sustainability and the fight against climate change using innovative practices and approaches in a digital era; and two sectoral, namely increasing the flexibility of opportunities  and contributing to innovation in VET as well and  limiting job losses, as a consequence of the green transition in Europe.

The project seeks to make VET more relevant to former fossil fuel power station workers and to provide educational and training opportunities to interested shareholders, even beyond its completion. Also, to facilitate the development of flexible VET Programmes in line with the needs of the local societies, economy and businesses, informing the local communities about the positive aspects of the transition in place. Finally, to enable and further strengthen the collaboration between VET providers and businesses to offer opportunities, that will enable fossil fuel workers in new sectors.

The participation of Neapolis University Pafos in the “Powering up former energy sector workers to re-enter the job market” Erasmus+ Project   contributes to further promoting academic excellence, to the production and dissemination of innovative applied knowledge through the adoption and spillover of best practices, as strategic axes of the social contribution, operation and development of Neapolis University Pafos.

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