The EIT launched a new interactive map which will act as a single portal to explore the whole of the EIT Community. Easily navigate the EIT community both inside the EU and beyond, find contact details, and discover EIT community opportunities near you!

The EIT Community is an ever-growing network which includes not just the EIT as an EU body, but also our nine Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), our alumni network, with a growing number of innovation hubs, co-location centres and global outreach locations acting as local points of contact for innovators both inside and outside the EU.

Navigating this growing network can sometimes be confusing. Each KIC is an independent entity with their own networks and partners, and our activities are expanding with new offices and hubs established and offering services and support to boost innovation ecosystems wherever there is a need.

This new map will make the EIT community more accessible, and more transparent, allowing anyone to easily find their nearest EIT hub, and learn how to get in touch, and more importantly get involved.

Try it here and learn how the EIT community is represented near you.  It is also available through our website navigation menu: Our communities > Knowledge and Innovation Communities > EIT Ecosystem Map

Check out our new EIT Ecosystem Map!

Source: European Institute of Innovation & Technology (