National Technical University of Athens: R-AMS: A new spin-off company at NTUA

The Rector’s Council of the NTUA, in its meeting on 13/2/2023, approved the establishment of the spin-off company “R-AMS Spin-off IKE” and the participation of NTUA in the shareholding of the company.

R-AMS was founded by Prof. Costas Charitidis of the NTUA School of Chemical Engineering and Evangelia Karaxis (CONIFY SMPC), Anna Karatza (BIOG3D SMPC) and Ilias Koumoulos, who have been members of the Research Laboratory of Advanced, Composite, Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology, of the School of Chemical Engineering. The aim of R-AMS is to develop innovative pathways for the recovery and reuse of materials from end-of-life products and their components as recycled and/or recyclable resources in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) for the production of high added value products.

Based on the business plan, R-AMS will offer the following products and services:

Evaluation and utilization services of AM feedstock/ raw materials (filaments, powders, etc.)

Production of innovative AM feedstock materials from renewable sources

3D printing services for metal, plastic and ceramic materials, along with pre/post processing units

End-product quality analysis services, functionality

Sustainability Analysis Services, mapping of raw materials – processes – products, study and development of specialized and targeted interventions in each of the three pillars of green development: environment – ​​society – economy

Materials Modeling Services/ Development of computational methodologies and design for the study and prediction of material properties and behavior, for optimal design of structures and new materials

Risk Assessment Services in the composition of materials and production processes such as metal and polymer AM, on-site measurement of micro/nano particle dispersion and worker exposure, risk management methodology.

Following the trends of the market and education in the field, the objectives/goals of R-AMS are:

The provision of services, to operators of the construction sector, regarding innovative technologies, conventional and innovative materials, market trends, innovative products, certification procedures, sustainability, tools for finding financing, circular economy

The preparation of studies aimed at evaluating the environmental footprint, the economic viability and the social impact of various processes and products, with redesign and life cycle engineering, in the fields of AM, conventional and innovative manufacturing, etc..

Development of a methodology for readjustment/redesign of parts, spare parts, etc. of finished products for PCs with the aim of increasing their lifetime and extending their functionality, linked to the circular economy and the reduction of raw material use

To become the country’s main entity for the study and development of processes for the rational management and utilization of waste, waste and residues.

To become the country’s main entity for linking courses/study programs with ecological thinking (Sustainable Thinking) in AM, through education and technical training (e.g. seminars, workshops, industrial PhDs, diplomas, etc.)

R-AMS is the 7th spin-off company of NTUA.

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