University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia (UNIC for short) is the largest university in Cyprus, with over 11,000 students, from over 70 countries across the globe, coming together in an innovative and transformative learning space.  

Located in Nicosia, the country’s capital, and with presence in 18 other cities worldwide, we are driven by our pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, innovation, research, technology, and a continually evolving academic environment. 

We empower our students and instill in them the confidence to make an impact in the world.

Many of our degree programmes and departments were the first of their kind in Cyprus. Over time, several programmes such as Medicine, International Relations, Accounting, Law, and Architecture, have developed into some of the most well-regarded in Cyprus and in the region. Today, UNIC’s new programmes focus on cutting-edge research, making us global leaders in certain fields, such as in our very successful initiative in Digital Currency/Blockchain Technology.

Internationalisation is a central component of UNIC’s strategy. This includes partnerships for degree programmes, student mobility, and opportunities for students post-graduation in academia or industry, in order to share knowledge and capabilities across countries. The first and largest medical programme in Cyprus was formed in collaboration with St George’s, University of London. Today, the Medical School attracts over 500 students from around the world. In Greece, we offer several joint Masters degrees with the top Greek universities: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Patras and the Hellenic Open University. These are some of the most popular degree programmes in Greece. We intend to actively continue our partnerships with leading universities around the world, on both the academic and research front.

Dynamic Urban Campus

UNIC’s modern campus is made up of 18 purpose-built and refurbished buildings situated amid the urban landscape in the bustling suburb of Engomi in Nicosia. Over the last few years, we have invested over €55 million in our campus infrastructure.

The expansive layout of our campus allows us to provide specialised facilities to support each academic department. The whole neighbourhood is oriented towards student life, allowing for a unique social experience, characterised by community interaction, diversity, learning and fun.

With our continuous investment in campus infrastructure over the last decade and our commitment to technological advancement, our laboratories have developed into innovative spaces, whose cutting-edge facilities and resources support teaching and research.

In addition to the teaching facilities, the campus provides the full set of student amenities and support services. You can walk to almost any building on campus within 15 minutes, while there is a large free car park for off-campus students.

Excellence in Distance Learning/Online Education

We offer a multitude of innovative distance learning programmes at Bachelor and Master level, and use the most up-to-date technologies and state-of-the-art learning design theory to deliver our courses.

An integral part of our approach to the learning design of these courses is our commitment to help our students develop higher-order skills of critical analysis, reflection, and problem-solving. We also support our learners in building knowledge collaboratively and engaging in social learning.

As a testament to the quality of our online programmes, our University has been awarded the highest accolades for e-learning and distance learning education excellence.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is fundamental to the University of Nicosia and is demonstrated by our substantial and varied contribution to society.

At the core of our University Social Responsibility (USR) campaigns and initiatives is our concern and pursuit to bring about positive change in six key areas:

  1. Access to education
  2. Social and environmental sustainability
  3. Economic development
  4. Investing in people and the community
  5. Advancement in research and technology
  6. Contributing to informed public debate

The entire UNIC community shares our institutional values and the vision for a sustainable future, actively supporting the University’s endeavours to promote it.

Research Activity

Research at UNIC focuses on a variety of global and local issues, including health, complex networks, social organisation, education, ICT, engineering, and environmental sustainability. Our researchers examine contemporary challenges from a wide range of perspectives, including technological and scientific advances, and modern culture and thought. They apply their expertise, derived from addressing local, regional and national concerns, to key issues with global impact; and develop teams to bring disciplinary strengths together to approach such issues. Cutting edge research is carried out in the areas of Educational Technology, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The University, through its participation in projects, either as partner or coordinator, has developed a wide base of knowledge and expertise in terms of both research output and project management.

In pursuing its vision to be a leading contributor to education and research, the University has assisted in the development of several research centres and academically affiliated institutions.

EU External Funding for the Year 2016:

Projects under the Erasmus+ Programme 

  • European dimension in qualifications for the tourist sector(EurDiQ)
  • Next gEneration netwoRked mEdia over 4G+ infrastrUctureS
  • A European Sector Skills Alliance for Sport and Physical Activity
  • Piloting ECVET to the national VET system of Russia and Uzbekistan
  • Mentoring Platform for Young Social Innovators (MYNNOVA project)
  • European Network for Academic Integrity
  • Supporting the Professionalisation of Health Engineering studies and Related areas in Asia (SPHERA)
  • Sustainable Landscapes

Projects under the H2020 Programme

  • Centre for STEAM Education Research, Science Communication and Innovation
  • Advanced personalised, multi-scale computer models preventing OsteoArthritis

Contact Person: Constantinos Phellas

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: +357 22841 565