University of Limassol (UoL)

The University of Limassol (UoL) is a progression of the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM), a renowned business school operating in Cyprus since 1990 when it was founded as a Private School of Higher Education, by a group of leading executives of the Cypriot economy and renowned academics from leading Universities overseas.

Hundreds of internationally renowned scientists from foreign Universities and prominent Cypriot academics have taught at CMMI. In the 33 years of operation of CIIM, about 3,000 Cypriot and international students have studied in the 10 postgraduate programmes offered. A significant number of our graduates received scholarships from the Republic of Cyprus and worldwide Governments, as well as Cypriot and overseas organisations and businesses. More than 500 CIIM graduates have filled and continue to fill management positions in the Public Service, Parastatal Organisations, the Education Service, and Local Government, while many hundreds of graduates run organisations and businesses, not only in Cyprus but also abroad.

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