Municipality of Strovolos

The Municipality of Strovolos was established in 1986 and is the second largest Municipality in Cyprus after Limassol, with a population of over 70.000 inhabitants.

Strovolos is a city that covers an area of 25km 2 and is divided into six parishes.

The Municipal Council consists of 27 members: The Mayor, the vice-mayor and 25 Municipal Counsellors.

The Mayor chairs the Council Meetings, is the executive authority of the Municipality and heads the Services.

The Administrative Service, the Financial Service, the Technical Service, the Environmental Development Department, the Public Health Department, the Cleanliness Department and the Cultural Activities Department.

The Mayor of Strovolos has signed in 2009 the Covenant of Mayors which was prepared by the European Commission for reduction in CO2 emissions through enhanced energy efficiency and cleaner energy production and use. Ii this frame, the Municipality has conducted a Sustainable Energy Action Plan in which it established concrete actions to be implemented until 2020.

In the domain of Save Energy, the Municipality of Strovolos has been participated as a in a number of programmes/projects such as:

  1. ISLE PACT-Pact of Islands
  2. MEDEEA ‐ Establishing the European Energy Award (eea®) in the Mediterranean Countries
  3. ELIH-Med – Energy Efficiency in Low Income Housing in the Mediterranean
  4. Serpente- Surpassing Energy Targets through Efficient Public Buildings

The Municipality has also implemented projects under the ‘Europeaid’ programme, the Interreg IVC and LIFE+ programmes as well as projects for the Integration of Third Country National under the Solidarity, Progress and Prosperity Funds.

The Municipality of Strovolos has also given a great attention to Culture since its establishment. A Municipal Library has been established, as well as a Geographical Museum, a Municipal Choir, a Children’s Choir, Children’s Theatre workshops and a Photography Club. The Hall of music and theatre has been completed and is in operation since 2003. Its size is for about 870 people including seats for people with special needs.

For the development of athletics, an area for which the Municipality of Strovolos has a long tradition, the Municipality established the Municipal Athletic Center in which, among other facilities, includes futsal pitches and tennis courts.

Bright green parks have been created for the entertainment of the citizens, parks that beautify and transform the whole area.

In the domain of social welfare, the Municipality of Strovolos has also played a pioneer role in other areas such as social services, with the establishment of a club for the elderly in which specialized people offer their care to the elder people as well as yputh clubs. In addition, the Municipality of Strovolos has established a Counseling Center that offers free services on issues of mental health, addictive substances, marriage, family, e.t.c.

EU External Funding for the Year 2016: €10.500

Contact Person: Athena Christodoulidou, Administrative Officer

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 0035722470325, 0035722470470