Hellenic Open University

The mission of the Hellenic Open University is to provide high-quality university education via distance learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. For that purpose, it develops and implements appropriate learning material and methods of teaching. The promotion of scientific research (as well as the development of the relevant technology and methodology in the area of distance learning) fall within the scope of its objectives.

The Hellenic Open University is the 19th Greek State University. Like all other Greek State Universities, it is a Legal Entity of Public Law, completely independent and autonomous. Its operation is determined by Act 2552/97 (as amended by Articles: 14 of Act 2817/2000, 3 of Act 3027/2002, 13 of Act 3260/2004, 19 of Act 3577/2007 and 6 of Act 4366/2016 and 28 of Act 4368/2016).

Research Activity 

Read more at https://www.eap.gr/el/ereuna/ereunitika-erga and http://edel.eap.gr/

EU External Funding for the Year 2016: approximately €​1.000.000

Contact Person: Prof. Kardasis Vasileios ​(President’s Office: Ms. Symeonidou, Mr. Koltsidas)

Contact Emails: president@eap.grsimeonidou@eap.grvkoltsidas@eap.gr

Contact Phones: +30 2610 367 359, +30 210 90 97 224

Website: www.eap.gr