Frederick University

Frederick University (FU) is an energetic and vibrant private university operating in the Republic of Cyprus. Despite the recent (2007) accreditation as one of the few private universities operating in Cyprus, the organisation has a long history of more than 50 years in higher education. In this period, FU has become established in the society and the academic community as a modern university offering teaching and research work of the highest calibre. Since its establishment, FU managed to achieve significant growth, both in terms of student population, faculty members, and academic infrastructure. FU employs about 250 (fte) faculty, with 3500 students enrolled annually on average and operates from two campuses. FU is recognized as the university that offers novel and innovative programs of study that address societal needs and, primarily, as the university that exhibits high social sensitivity and responsibility. The University offers a broad range of academic programs of study (more than 75) in the areas of Science, Engineering, Business, Arts, Architecture, Media, Humanities, Health, and Education.

Research Activity

FU’s academic staff, either organized in multidisciplinary teams or individually, is involved in a wide range of research, educational and cultural activities relevant to their specializations. The research initiatives and activities that are being carried out by its faculty, have been funded predominantly from external sources through competitive national and European programs, including HORIZON2020, LIFE, ERASMUS+, LLP, FP7 and from Regional Funds like INTERREG. Besides the self-funded creative and other projects, the University staff has implemented or currently running more than a hundred R&D and consulting projects, the majority of which are coordinated by FU faculty and researchers. As a consequence, the necessary services have been developed (e.g. Research, Financial, International & Public Relations) that provide the required support for the administrative, legal and financial management of funded projects such as the one proposed.

EU External Funding for the Year 2016: €630,000

Contact Person: Alexis Onoufriou

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Contact Phone: +357 22394488