This autumn, the European Commission is offering pupils, teachers and researchers across Europe a unique opportunity to connect, engage and develop science projects together.

To celebrate Marie Skłodowska-Curie’s 155th birthday, the European Commission is organising several initiatives to strengthen the bonds between the worlds of science and education.

Thanks to Science is Wonderful! and Researchers at Schools, funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, teachers from all around Europe and their pupils can discover the wonders and value of science by interacting with leading researchers and innovators.

Science is Wonderful!

Science is Wonderful! connects research with schools across the European Union.

It celebrates the value and impact of EU-funded research by giving primary and secondary school students the chance to

  • interact with leading researchers and innovators
  • learn more about their work in engaging formats
  • ask about scientific careers

Since 2015, Science is Wonderful! has organised online activities and an annual science fair that showcases research projects and innovations through presentations, hands-on experiments, games and quizzes.

In the next months, Science is Wonderful! will give schools and researchers the chance to connect and co-create science projects, as well as  to take part in a science fair in Brussels, Belgium.

Match-making event – co-create a learning resource!

Do you have a great idea for a new learning resource, such as a Do It Yourself tutorial or a board game, but are you not quite sure how to put it in practice?

We are giving teachers and MSCA researchers a unique opportunity to team up and co-create learning material, regardless of their location or subject of interest.

You can develop together a proposal for an experiment, quiz, game or any other activity.

Register by 1 December 2022 for our online Science is Wonderful! match-making event. There are several prizes to be won, so register, connect, and co-create a wonderful project!

Register now for the match-making event

Science is Wonderful! fair 2023

In March 2023, the next edition of Science is Wonderful! will take place in Brussels.

This two-day science fair will feature 100 researchers from across Europe who showcase research projects and innovations through presentations, hands-on experiments, games and quizzes. Registrations will open in February 2023.

Teachers: give your pupils a chance to interact with researchers, learn more about their work in engaging formats and ask questions about scientific careers. Sign up for the Science is Wonderful! newsletter to stay informed and plan your trip.

Sign up for the Science is Wonderful! newsletter

If you are an MSCA researcher or alumnus and would like to share your research and passion with a curious young audience, apply now to host a stand at the Science is Wonderful! fair in March 2023 in Brussels. The European Commission will cover your participation. You can register your interest by 1 December 2022.

Register now for the Science is Wonderful! fair

Activities catalogue

Science is Wonderful! also hosts activities for the classroom. MSCA scientists prepared these teaching resources, games and videos for the classroom that teachers and their pupils can use throughout the year.

Check out the activities catalogue

Are you an MSCA researcher or alumnus who developed a video, game or teaching material for pupils about your research topic? Submit your material to and we will help you reach classrooms across Europe.

Researchers at Schools

“Researchers at Schools” brings the wonders of science directly to schools – and pupils to the labs!

This initiative will allow 2 400 primary and secondary schools and 225 000 pupils in several countries to discover researchers’ work through presentations, hands-on experiments, visits to labs, games, discussions and role-playing.

These exchanges will

  • create unique occasions to show the practical importance of European research for our future
  • give students the chance to get in contact with science, technology, arts and mathematics (STEAM) and research activities

Find out which activities take place in your country and consult the organisers’ websites for more information on how to participate with your pupils.

Are you an EU-funded researcher and are you keen on explaining your research to schools? Check out the list of projects taking place all over Europe and get in touch with the organisers.

Check out the projects organising Researchers at Schools activities

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