Horizon IP Scan – A Successful IP Advisory Service for European SMEs Involved in Collaborative R&I Projects

The main results and lessons learnt from the provision of Horizon IP Scan services have been analysed and summarised in a study report. The Horizon IP Scan was a pilot operating from November 2020 until November 2023. The service helped European start-ups and SMEs involved in EU-funded collaborative research projects to efficiently develop and implement strategies to valorise intellectual assets generated in collaborative R&I activities. Over 350 SMEs involved in collaborative Horizon 2020/Europe and Eureka projects benefitted from the comprehensive service offered by a larger team of international IP experts.

The service was aligned with the strategic objectives outlined in the EU IP Action Plan, particularly in its efforts to promote the effective use and deployment of intellectual property (IP), specifically by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Furthermore, its objectives were fully in line with the Guiding Principles for Knowledge Valorisation, which aim to enhance the socioeconomic impact of research and innovation (R&I) endeavours.

Horizon IP Scan adhered to its mandate of assisting SMEs in shifting away from perceiving intellectual property rights (IPR) merely for securing business assets and instead promote a better understanding of developing comprehensive and impactful intellectual assets management strategies for value creation. Horizon IP Scan referred to key elements of the Code of practice on the management of intellectual assets for knowledge valorisationsuch as clarifying IP ownership and defining clear collaboration conditions for exploitation pathways.

As a main outcome, the service raised awareness of IP-related issues and identified areas for improvement with respect to the development and management of intellectual assets management strategies. This helped SMEs to gain a clearer picture of their intellectual assets portfolio and associated strategies, and hence enter into the collaborative R&I project with more confidence while understanding the importance of discussing (joint) intellectual assets strategies as early as possible.

The Study Report provides a brief statistical analysis of Horizon IP Scan applicant profiles, and includes insights about challenges, and blocking and enabling factors to run the service in the given format. Moreover, the report highlights motivations of SMEs to apply for the service and provides insights into main IP challenges faced by SMEs when participating in collaborative Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe projects.

Source: Directorate-General for Research and Innovation | News (https://shorturl.at/jnTU2)